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We serve Johnston & Wake Counties!

Put our experienced landscaping team to work on your landscaping project to create a beautiful outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. We have the experience, staff, and equipment to manage properties of any size and will help your home or business stand out. From adding new mulch and having a beautifully maintained property, our landscaping professionals can help.

Need lawn maintenance? Our lawn technicians can help. Our Fertilization Program starts with a premium, balanced fertilizer. A well-fed lawn makes a beautiful lawn. We then treat the weeds with an herbicide designed to eliminate unwanted vegetation, while promoting a healthy turf. We can care for Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede and Fescue lawns. Do not go another season with an unsightly lawn without giving us a call. Once the grass is growing, our lawn mowing team can assist with cutting the lawn. We mow, edge and blow the hard surfaces, leaving you with a clean-cut lawn. Before you waste another summer mowing the lawn, let the lawn maintenance professionals at Thomas Family Landscaping do it for you.

If you have compact soil, that is not a problem for our lawn maintenance team. We provide mechanical aeration to the soil. This loosens the compaction allowing oxygen and water easier access to the roots of the grass.

Our mulch and shrub trimming team can keep the flower beds and shrubs looking great. We use a premium hardwood mulch, that will help suppress weeds, while adding beauty to the flower beds.


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